Straw Marquetry

Straw marquetry is the art of forming a decorative panel using flattened slithers of natural cured straw. The stem is split, flattened, softened and scraped or ironed into a flat ribbon. It is then inlaid edge to edge on paper or wood until the surface is covered. The process is entirely hand made and in our workshop we use only hand tools, and water-based adhesives and dyes. From the preparation of the straw into ribbons, to the dyeing process, to the choosing and inlaying of each single piece of straw onto the surface, the art of straw marquetry requires patience and a well-developed sense of colour and tone.

In 2011 Gerard Morin, an internationally known straw marquetry artist, came to help us improve our straw preparation technique, and to experiment with us in new colouring techniques. He trained our artisans in the history, traditional designs and traditional craft skills involved in straw marquetry. In addition to this he helped us to strengthen our relationships with our suppliers of straw in France.

Alexander Lamont uses straw marquetry to make beautifully detailed cabinets, mirror frames, lamp bases, boxes as well as wall paneling. The special aspect of straw is that is has a surface that reflects light uniquely and subtly.