“People hang their pictures high up on the walls, but they place their objects for everyday use close to them and take them in their hands” - Soetsu Yanagi

Imagine a handcrafted object sitting quietly on your desk – a bronze vase with hammered texture, a smooth lacquered box, or a mottled ivory shagreen lamp. When you touch the object you become immediately connected with your senses, and so with your own vitality, and with the energy of the many people who spent time using their hands to make the object. This is the belief of the craftsman. The hours of work and the fine materials communicate patience, quality, skill in a way unique to each piece.

The ‘Alexander Lamont’ workshop employs over 100 artisans in workshops for shagreen, parchment, lacquer, eggshell, gesso, straw marquetry, gold leaf and bronze finishing.

The work of Alexander Lamont’s artisans forms an integral part of each one of his designs. With the design studio located above the workshops, Alexander has daily contact with the artisans, and the designs emerge from an ongoing dialogue between designer and artisan in the exploration and innovation of materials.

Each of Alexander Lamont’s designs are transformed from raw material to finished product through many stages, by the hands of many artisans and over many hours. Four layers of red vegetal lacquer are first applied to the shagreen panels of a long box, it is left to dry and then rubbed back to reveal the myriad ivory beaded texture beneath. Another layer of lacquer is applied…and so it goes on until the perfect tone, colour and texture is achieved.

Alexander Lamont’s designs are infused with vitality, soul and character and with a sense that, like the people who created them, they have come on a journey of discovery.

When you invest in one of Alexander Lamont’s pieces that journey of discovery continues over time as the lacquer brightens or the gold leaf darkens, and the piece becomes more beautiful with age.