Alexander Lamont Materials

Within a leafy compound on the outskirts of Bangkok, behind a pair of old iron gates, lie the workshops and studio of Alexander Lamont. In this single location Alexander Lamont has brought together a rarefied and all but extinct group of decorative materials and craft skills that through his contemporary design sensibility, combine to make the pieces in his collections.

The workshops house ateliers for shagreen, straw marquetry, parchment, natural lacquer, gesso, gilt leaf and bronze. Alexander Lamont brought world experts over from Europe to train his teams of artisans in these materials. He also travels to China regularly to work closely with Peking Glass kilns and small rock crystal producers to create his unique designs using these materials.

For Alexander Lamont, the exploration and innovation of materials is a powerful force that drives the creative direction of his company. To take something rare and beautiful that has been used for centuries, to push it a little bit further, and to bring it into the present are the challenges that Alexander Lamont seeks and thrives upon.