Liquid, dark, smokey, polished, lacquer is a monastic material demanding patience and deliberation. Lacquer is a natural material extracted from trees and seeds. Thailand has an ideal climate for natural lacquer as humidity and heat is required for the curing process.

Our lacquer artisans received their training from Frenchman Eric Stocker, a master of natural lacquer and of the traditional methods used by the Paris-based designers Jean Dunand and Eileen Gray in the 1920’s.

The presence of other rare craft skills in the one location has enabled our lacquer workshops to create unique finishes blending the materials of Europe and Asia for the first time. The layering of panels of stingray skin with coats of cinnabar lacquer creates the signature “Opium Lacquer” and applying lacquer over layers of straw creates the sublime “Lacquered Straw” finish.

We also make eggshell lacquer whereby small pieces of chicken or duck shell are cracked carefully using pins so that the pieces fit like a jigsaw across the surface. The finished surface may then be lacquered with a cashew lacquer to give a deep rouge tone and accentuate the pattern.